Wingsuit BASE Flyby past Slackliner

Dope. From the description "This flight was the second day of jumping from a freshly opened exit in Turkey. We named it "Lost" as it was found by getting lost on the hike to another jump. There is always a silver lining to every situation. Only by taking a wrong turn and getting lost was this beautiful jump found For this flight I was flying the Phoenix Fly Sukhoi T wingsuit. My parachute is an Atair Vision Wingsuit lightweight 255 with spectra lines. My container is an Adrenalin BASE ultralight LD4 abx. Rather than cut and edit the video with music, I thought I would share the raw footage. I feel it shares more of the experience, my nervousness and preparation on the edge, the sense of speed with the sound of the wind through the flight and the joy of life after a safe parachute opening and landing. Come along for the ride. This Summer has been amazing and there is still lots of adventures to come. I plan to upload more videos on here when I get the chance as I travel. Thank you so much for your support. Follow the adventures here as well as my other social media. Instagram: @greenflyingdude Feel free to get in touch. Send me an email at I would love to hear from you."

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