Take Your Skydiving Experience To The Next Level
Save some $$$
Coupons and discounts
Get exclusive access to coupons and discounts from top manufacturers in the industry. Canopies, containers, suits, free jumps, registration tickets... etc, we've got you covered.
Have more fun
Win Prizes
Viewing the 300-400 upcoming events that are cataloged at any given moment can be tough. Join the membership and get access to our massive map view. Join now and also compete in video competitions with prizes. Open to all skill levels.
Free = good
Tons of freebies
We're running monthly gear giveaways as well as delivering digital freebies when possible such as pay per view content and somthing somthing
MileHighHub Membership
$25/ year
Countless gear coupons
Worldwide calendar map view
Free jumps at featured dropones
Video competitions on the forum
Free giveaways monthly
Guaranteed Freebies
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Cost of a skydive

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of coupons are offered? +

The membership has a wide range of coupons to offer. Containers, altimeters, AADs, suits, canopies and more. Coupons can range between 5-15% is savings or a fixed dollar amount off.

How are coupons redeemed+

Every company has its own way of processing payments which means every coupons will vary slightly in how they are redeemed. Redeeming a coupon can be as simple as ordering over the phone to putting in a custom coupon code at checkout online.

where are the video competitions held+

Video competitions will be held on the forum at There will be various competitions held three times a year for all skill levels. Your membership account is separate from your forum account so be sure to create an account on the forum if you haven't already.

how do the giveaways work+

Accounts will be put into a list and random winners will be chosen by a random algorithm.